About the Author

Jen is currently plans to attend art school full time at Chicago's own American Academy of Art. She enjoys writing/drawing Mystic Revolution, reading manga, all the works of Frank Miller, and long walks on the beach (well, not really-- it's more fun to throw things at people who enjoy long walks on the beach).

In her non-school time, she works part-time as a file clerk in a home health office. This has led to her intense hatred for stupid people, as well as the loss of what was once her sanity. One day, she hopes that she can pursue art full time so that way she won't have to deal with questions like, "Hey, what letter comes before 'R'?" ever again.

If you wanna email me to send me rabid fanboy/girl praises, send a line over to savagesparrow@gmail.com. Otherwise, you can try to catch me over AIM with the name Savagesparrow.



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