The story so far....
(warning: contains spoilers)

In the not to distant future, Mystic Revolution is the world's largest MMORPG ( Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). With over 20 million registered users, the world of MR spans across the farthest reaches of fantasy and imagination. Players log in from either public terminals, or personal VR devices called "Halos". These Halos allow for the most realistic virual reality experience ever created. Naturally, this has caused a few problems...

After a year's suspension, the once legendary player Lourdes returns to the game she once cherished deeply. Hoping for a nice day soloing, she instead comes upon the very antithesis of her character--a not-to-bright-wannabe-stud-obvious-n00b of a ninja. Much to her dismay, he ignores her...subtle...hints for peace and quiet, and instead decides to follow her around.

After a couple near-death experiences, the pair arrive at the local tavern where Lourdes gets totally trashed, while the ninja makes a couple new friends. When Lourdes awakes, she finds herself half naked and in the company of the ninja and a rather eccentric warrior-type by the name of Toasty. After misunderstandings are cleared up, both Lourdes and l33t_ninj4 return to the "real world" to get some much needed rest, leaving Toasty to wander off on his own.

Eventually, he comes across a kitty girl named Lilly. Lilly switches into rabid fangirl mode, and decides to follow him around. In the mean time, Lourdes has logged on again, and is enjoying the return to her personal residence...only to have it spoiled by the arrival of l33t_ninj4, Toasty and Lilly.

It is then revealed that Lilly is actually a computer hacker, which causes Lourdes' former rules-enforcing instincts to kick in. However, her vengance is temporarily put on hold when two of her old friends--Aeiryn and xxxgothigirl666xxx appear.



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